Super Mario Party Announced For Nintendo Switch; Release Date Confirmed

Super Mario Party Is the Ultimate Party Game for Nintendo Switch

Fortnite arrives on the Nintendo Switch today; Super Mario Party 5 coming in October

Another scene showed two couples camping out in the wilderness, playing a game that required them to set two Switch consoles back-to-back, and physically split up to whisper and strategize with each other. A huge chunk of the press conference was dedicated to the newest installment, Super Smash Bros. Complete with an epic reveal trailer we've come to expect from Smash, Samus Aran's arch-nemesis is on the roster, complete with an amiibo.

Prequel DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was shown. However, the Switch still has the classic Nintendo problem of a shallow game catalog. Hopefully Mew won't be locked behind a pay wall for a novelty controller, or there will be hell to pay with completionist Pokemon Trainers. You can use GameCube controllers and Melee techniques like directional air dodge and flawless shielding should up the technical game. Super Mario Party drops on October 5, 2018.

The Mario Party series will debut on Nintendo Switch later this year with Super Mario Party.

During Nintendo's live stream presentation, they revealed that Fortnite would be making its way onto their Switch system today.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be available in the Spring of 2019. Inklings can check their ink level, Cloud's limit meter is displayed, and the Villager can see what's in their pocket. It's sure to bring more fun, frenetic, slightly stressful multiplayer as you hurriedly serve up orders and scream out assignments in pursuit of high scores.

Lucky enough to snag a ticket to the coveted VIP area, we were able to test our mettle against some of the best fighting game players and Twitch streamers - and while we expected to walk away ashamed, the results were surprising. Fans were thrilled by what they saw.

Today, Nintendo filled in the few remaining holes in the Switch's repertoire. We've also received word there'll be at least one big announcement, so tune in above, Ranters!

Octopath Traveler, Square Enix's decidedly retro RPG coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch, launches on July 13. But only the Switch version of the $99.99 Starlink starter pack will include a Fox McCloud pilot figure and his iconic spacecraft Arwing, as well as exclusive Star Fox mission content. So far the only new fighters in Ultimate will be Splatoon's Inkling and Ridley from Metroid.

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