‘Permit Patty’ threatens to call police on black girl, 8, selling water

#PermitPatty: Woman allegedly calls police on girl selling water in San Francisco

Outpour of support for 8yo black girl after white woman calls police over her selling water (VIDEO)

Nonetheless, when the white lady (who was identified as Alison Ettel by The Huffington Post) saw an adorable black child selling water, her first instinct was to ask Jordan if she had a permit.

Later, a woman claiming to be the girl's cousin also uploaded the video on Twitter, dubbing the white complainant "Permit Patty".

Ettel says she was actually talking with the building's security guard not police.

A phone call to police has put the San Francisco Bay area is back in the news.

Ettel did say that she used a stern voice when she approached the child about selling the water without a permit.

"I should have never confronted her".

According to the Sacramento Bee, Alison Ettel is the founder of TreatWell Health, a licensed California cannabis company selling THC-infused edibles and CBD-infused wellness products for household pets. She added, "It was literally nonstop".

Ettel has since said that she is not proud of how she handled the Saturday incident and has publicly apologized to little girl and her mother for the incident she contends "has no racial component to it". "Thank you for teaching her all people aren't so shitty".

Austin believed Ettel intentions were racially motivated and said she has non-white family members who have done the same thing without incident.

She also said the incident had nothing to do with race; it was only about the volume of their salesmanship.

Eight-year-old Jordan no longer has to worry about selling water bottles to get money for tickets to go to Disneyland.

When asked about Ettel telling Huffington Post she felt bad about the situation, Austin told USA Today she didn't accept any apology. As is standard outside of stadiums across the country, a young girl had set up shop selling bottles of water out of a cooler to passing fans in the courtyard of her apartment building.

Meanwhile, the mother of the eight-year-old girl has promised to press charges against Ettel for harassment.

Austin says, "There are so many people reaching out, a man in Austin, Texas sent me a receipt to pick up 12 cases of water ... a D.C. collective owner (black woman) is in S.F.to meet my daughter and take our family out to dinner".

So my little cousin was selling water and didn't have a permit so this lady chose to call the cops on an 8 year old. Any proceeds from the merchandise will be donated to a charity that supports young women of color. In April, Schulte (mocked online as "Barbecue Becky") called the police on a group of black people having a barbecue in a park.

The video shows the camera operator - Austin - confronting the woman while she's on the phone.

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