Judge holds hearing on Michael Cohen probe

Porn Star’s Attorney Avenatti Battles Wall Street Journal Report Of Stonewalling Federal Prosecutors

Avenatti Must End 'Publicity Tour' to Take Part in Michael Cohen's Federal Case, Judge Says

The case involving documents taken from Michael Cohen's office, hotel room and home was back in front of a federal judge on Wednesday, and we learned a few different things.

Wood told Cohen's team to complete its work by 15 June.

Cohen's team pushed for that deadline to be in mid-July.

If Cohen's authorized workforce is unable to finish their assessment, Choose Kimba Wooden mentioned she would assign any remaining materials to a authorities "taint workforce", a gaggle of federal prosecutors in a roundabout way concerned within the case, to determine what if any materials is topic to the attorney-client privilege.

Jones also reported having received additional electronic data over the past two weeks, including "electronic data from a video recorder, two computers, and mobile storage devices", which "includes various video, electronic communications and documents as well as data typically associated with computer usage". If Cohen's team can not finish in time, the remaining documents would be turned over to a separate group government lawyers - known as a "taint team".

Cohen did not speak during the hour-long hearing in Manhattan.

After the hearing, Avenatti withdrew his motion to appear in the case but could file another in the future.

But he withdrew the request after a court hearing Wednesday in NY in which a judge told him that while he is free to speak out now, he would have to end his "publicity tour on TV and elsewhere" if he entered the case.

Avenatti previously told Newsweek that the law firm does not represent Daniels and had nothing to do with him personally.

Ryan, one of Cohen's lawyers, said in court that Avenatti acted maliciously by releasing his client's bank records and attacking Cohen in dozens of media appearances, to "paint a false narrative" about Cohen and "call attention to himself".

Hendon then blasted Avenatti's court filing stating that Egan Avenatti was not the law firm for Daniels' as "carefully constructed" and "misleading".

Ryan at one point seemed critical of what he called "a very odd thing going on" between prosecutors and Avenatti, who claimed he had a good working relationship with the government lawyers and that he knew the lawyers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation had not leaked the audio.

She said lawyers for Cohen, Trump and the Trump Organization had made 252 total privilege designations from materials produced by the government on May 8 and May 9.

The judge said she is anxious that Avenatti's "denigrating Mr. Cohen" could deprive him of a fair trial if he is criminally charged by the feds, who are looking into his business dealings, including a $130,000 "hush money" payment to Avenatti's porn star client, who claims she had a fling with the President. "I want you to participate, or not be in the matter at all", Wood said. He said this was "very surprising and disturbing to me" as an attorney for Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. He also pointed out the extensive publicity and harsh commentary made by Trump, as well as the president's own encounters in bankruptcy court. Avenatti's motion, he said, was "sidestepping his intentionally malicious and prejudicial release of that information". This material, she said, would be turned over to Cohen's team as soon as possible.

"We have already started producing documents to the government so any suggestion we are not cooperating is meritless", Avenatti said.

Avenatti snapped at her, saying her client, the president, has tweeted and spoken about this case in the media in great detail.

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