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If you own a MacBook or iMac you're in for a treat.

With iOS 12, Apple is fixing all the annoyances. The public beta is out later this month, and iOS 12 stable release will be released with the latest iPhone variants in the Fall of this year.

There will be plenty of new features in the upcoming software update.

Siri Shortcuts, which are set to come to iPhones and iPads with iOS 12, might finally let you use Siri to control third-party music streaming services, after years of only being usable with Apple Music. Apple is also re-building many of its built-in apps such as iBooks and Stocks, which will also help with those performance enhancements. A former Google exec Tristan Harris launched a coalition of technologists and activists called the Center for Humane Technology, which aims to encourage the implementation of new design principles that help to put users back in control of their technology usage.

The porting process is still in development but the company has promised to release the functionality sometime in 2019.

These apps might have the same overall feel as their mobile counterparts but key user interactions will have to be updated for the desktop environment.

"I think we are all going to be using Do-Not-Disturb a whole lot more", Federighi said. The rest of them will be present as a strip at the bottom of the screen.

Apple also rolled out new tools for augmented reality, saying users would be able to share worlds in games, for instance.

This new feature allows up to 32 people to be part of a video chat at the same time. Or that Apple has now paid out more than $100 billion to App Store developers? "A new Book Store tab makes it easy to explore new titles and browse the top charts, curated collections, and special offers", The Verge reported quoting Apple.

With the announcement, the company also stressed that it would not be merging the iPhone and Mac operating systems into one platform, which has been a speculation for years. Upload up to ten screenshots and three optional app previews for each supported language, and choose the order you'd like them to appear.

Apple also intends to crack down on data companies' ability to identify specific devices by creating a unique fingerprint based on a device's settings, installed fonts and plug-ins. The app will provide sharing suggestions.

Apple privacy rules have always been pretty strict but they are getting even tougher in macOS Mojave.

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