Fallout 76 is Bethesda's Newest Adventure in the Apocalyptic Wasteland

Fallout 76 Announced by Bethesda Game Studios

Bethesda Teases ‘Fallout’ News With Hours Long Livestream

What little we know about the game is based on the Fallout 76 trailer, which shows that the game takes place on October 27th 2102, the day after party celebrating Reclamation Day, and a Vault 76 dweller is gearing up to explore the surface.

For example, the game will have quests and a story, like any other Bethesda game, as well as base-building and other survival-based and multiplayer mechanics. Check out promo images below.

This year's E3 games expo kicks off in just two weeks, and the company has confirmed that we'll "see more" at the showcase. While all Vaults functioned as advertised for all its inhabitants, the control vaults were created to open its doors for the goal of repopulation after a set period of time.

We'll know more soon, of course.

The Fallout 76 teaser trailer doesn't offer much information.

Post-apocalyptic adventure franchise Fallout is heading to a new part of the United States - and in rather rapid fashion after 2015's Fallout 4. Sources told Kotaku that Fallout 76 started life as a multiplayer prototype for Fallout 4, but slowly evolved into an online survival RPG that takes inspiration from games such as Rust and DayZ.

After an entirely uneventful, 24 hours long livestream, Bethesda has finally unveiled the latest Fallout project. Set before even the original Fallout-as shown from a clock and calendar in the trailer-Fallout 76 will focus on the efforts of the citizens as they try to survive in an increasingly hostile world 20 years after the nuclear-apocalypse. That would certainly explain why they're stuck on Skyrim instead of a sixth Elder Scrolls game, but I digress.

Nothing much has been said about the game but, according to Kotaku, "it's an online game of some sort".

Bethesda has surprised many ahead of E3 2018 by announcing an all-new chapter in the Fallout RPG saga: Fallout 76.

The Fallout series take place after a conflict between the U.S. and China, when the USA made a grave decision to oil drill off the Pacific Coast. This does not allow the developers over at Bethesda Game Studios to create an entirely new iteration to the series.

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