Democrats rush to border to decry Trump's family separations

Nearly 2000 migrant children separated from their families at US-Mexico border

Trump Again Falsely Blames Democrats for His Separation Policy

"The only thing worse than the nauseating cruelty of President Trump's immigration policy - captured perfectly by the agonizing stories of young children forcefully being separated from their parents at the border - is the craven dishonesty with which he attempts to sell it to the American people".

Melania Trump's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said the first lady believes "we need to be a country that follows all laws", but also one "that governs with heart".

Nielsen's comments come amid growing criticism over Attorney General Jeff Sessions' new "zero-tolerance" policy at the border to prosecute as many people as possible for illegally entering the USA, even if it means tearing families apart.

By laying responsibility for the situation on "both sides", Trump effectively echoed her husband's assertion that it was the result of a law written by Democrats.

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon said Sunday that President Donald Trump doesn't have to "justify" his highly criticized policy of separating parents who enter the US illegally on the southern border with Mexico from their children.

Senators Jeff Merkley of OR and Chris Van Hollen of Maryland led a group of Democratic lawmakers to a detention facility in Brownsville, Texas, on Sunday but were not allowed to talk with children held there. Conway told NBC's Meet the Press that "nobody likes" splitting up families and Giuliani told CBS' Face the Nation that the he and the president do not "like to see children taken away from their parents".

Despite that, presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway has rejected suggestions Mr Trump is using the children as leverage to force his opponents to enter negotiations on immigration and his long-promised border wall. And President Trump's claim that Democrats need to change the relevant law is no better. Republicans control both houses of Congress. According to a Department of Homeland Security spokesman, between April 19 and May 31, 1,995 children were separated from 1,940 adults who were being held by United States border patrol.

Trump has also blamed Democrats for the migrants' continued plight, citing their refusal to accept a bill that would fully fund the border wall and end family reunification visas. When parents who come with children are arrested for jumping the border, it means at least a short-term separation while the parent goes to jail for a few days.

Melania Trump, the most reticent USA first lady since Pat Nixon, has done an admirable thing. "Instead they were separated from their children & have received no update on their children since being detained".

Miller pushed the policy to fruition after March's increase in illegal immigration, which Trump touted as a top priority in his 2016 campaign. Rev. Franklin Graham, who's typically a Trump ally, told Christian Broadcasting Network that it's "disgraceful, it's bad, to see families ripped apart, and I don't support that one bit". "It was a simple decision by the administration to have a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry, period".

Representative Beto O'Rourke said he was working on legislation that would end the practice of family separation.

"I'd like to say it's un-American, but it's happening right now in America".

In the US asylum seekers have watched helplessly as their children have been taken away from them under Donald Trump's new zero tolerance immigration policy.

Steve Bannon argued that effort risked alienating Trump's political base and contributing to election losses in November, when Republicans hope to preserve their congressional majorities. "It's a crime to come across illegally and children get separated".

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