China to 'fight back' against any threatened U.S. tariffs

Trump escalates China trade war with extra tariffs

China slams US threat to impose tariffs on $200 billion in imports

The President has said that he had ordered US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to identify a second tranche of goods imported from China for tariffs of 10 per cent. Apple has reportedly been anxious about retaliation from China.

Trump said the new tariffs, which come days after his administration leveled $50 billion in duties on a wide array of Chinese goods, were a response to the retaliatory trade barriers the Chinese government imposed Friday.

Last Friday, the Trump administration announced a 25 percent tariff on up to $50 billion of Chinese products, prompting Beijing to respond with a 25 percent tariff on $34 billion of us goods.

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China's report follows President Donald Trump's order for tariffs on additional Chinese goods in response to complaints Beijing steals or pressures companies to hand over technology.

In a statement, Mr Trump said he has an "excellent relationship" with Mr Xi, "but the United States will no longer be taken advantage of on trade by China and other countries in the world". China responded by saying it would hit 659 U.S. products worth $50 billion. The tariffs, in particular, threaten the USA lobster industry.

Trump had announced a 25 percent tariff on up to US$50 billion in Chinese imports.

The mention of "comprehensive measures" suggests Beijing might go beyond tariffs, said Jake Parker, vice-president for China operations of the U.S. "It's not easy but we're getting there", the president said.

To respond to Trump's threat to impose tariffs on as much as $250 billion worth of Chinese goods, Beijing would have to find other ways to respond. "It is very unfortunate that instead of eliminating these unfair trading practices China said that it intends to impose unjustified tariffs targeting United States workers, farmers, ranchers, and businesses".

President Donald Trump added fuel to a burgeoning trade conflict with China on Monday, as he threatened to slap new tariffs on an additional $200 billion worth of Chinese imports.

"Our phone lines are open; they have always been open", Mr Navaro, who has taken a hard-line stance against Beijing, said. But China's imports from the United States a year ago totalled $153.9-billion.

By contrast, Palmer noted, the USA exported only about $130bn worth of products to China in 2017. The list was created using a computer algorithm that chose products to hurt Chinese exporters while limiting the impact on USA buyers. The two sides have been involved in negotiations with China offering to buy $70 billion dollars in USA goods. This should have been done many years ago. Also, the U.S. imports a lot of finished products from China from salmon, cod and pollock raw material it has exported. The US imported $426 million worth of tilapia and $335m of shrimp in 2017. But Intel shares dropped 3.4 percent to $53.22 on Monday on news of a stock downgrade and investor concerns over tariffs.

"Just ask yourself: Would China have allowed America to do to it what China has done to America?" he said later. Chart based on NOAA data. "It's not easy but we're getting there", he told a group of USA small business executives. He said it was unlikely that a resolution could be reached before July 6.

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