Blizzard All But Announces Diablo 4 Thanks to New Job Posting

Job Posting Confirms'Unannounced Diablo Project- Diablo 3

Blizzard Job Listings Reveal an Unannounced Diablo Project and More Are In Development

It looks like Blizzard Entertainment is now hard at work on a new Diablo game, if a job listing from the studio is any kind of an indication. So opens the listing for a Dungeon Artist for Diablo.

We're working on a new, unannounced Diablo project.

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed in a job listing that it's beavering away on a new Diablo project. Blizzard are hiring, and it appears we'll be getting ready to crawl through the depths of Hell yet again real soon. For now, at least. "Come work with us, and together we will build something exceptional". In fact, the core makeup of a development team has job openings available, on both production and design alike. "We believe that if you're looking for a tight-knit crew that celebrates self-expression and embraces collaboration, we might be a phenomenal fit for you".

Previous to this there have been strong rumours of a Switch version of Diablo III, although that's never been confirmed. It is highly unlikely that an expansion for Diablo 3 is being developed as the game has largely run its course. In addition, the role requires serving as an active participant in team art discussions, critiques and reviews.

Work with Lead Environment Artist and the Art Director to ensure all environments are meeting the high-quality bar Blizzard is known for.

What are your thoughts on a new Diablo game?

But it there's also the chance the job is for a completely new game.

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