Alice Johnson: 'Miracle' allowed Kim Kardashian to talk to Trump

Donald Trump and musician Kanye West pose at Trump Tower in Manhattan N.Y. on Dec. 13 2016

Donald Trump and musician Kanye West pose at Trump Tower in Manhattan N.Y. on Dec. 13 2016

The former prisoner, who is now adjusting to life outside of jail, has already served 21 years of a life sentence after she was convicted on charges of conspiracy to possess cocaine and attempted possession of cocaine, according to the nonprofit Can-Do, which advocates for clemency for non-violent drug offenders. Well thankfully Kim got through to Trump because it was revealed the other day that Alice was commuted & freed. "Despite receiving a life sentence, Alice worked hard to rehabilitate herself in prison, and act as a mentor to her fellow inmates".

Alice has more than paid her debt to society by serving over 21 years of a life-without-parole sentence as a nonviolent drug offender.

A WEEPING great-grandmother ran into the arms of her family after her release from jail was championed by reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Johnson may have spent the rest of her life in prison if not for Kardashian's intervention and Trump's clemency.

"I think that she really deserves a second chance at life", she told the website.

Since her release, she's had a chance to reconnect with her family after more than two decades behind bars, which she calls "the most exhilarating feeling".

Obama did not honor her plea, but now Trump has.

"I was like 'you're going home, ' " Kardashian said Thursday, recalling the conversation with Johnson.

In 1996, Johnson was convicted of federal drug and money laundering charges. Johnson explained her crimes came as a result of being unemployed, and she would go on to relay messages and provide a line of communication for a cocaine trafficking operation. "Telling her for the first time and hearing her screams while crying together is a moment I will never forget", she said in the tweet. Although she didn't engage in any violent activity, she was given a mandatory life sentence plus 25 years, according to ABC News.

Kardashian West overnight tweeted the news, saying "BEST NEWS EVER!". "I did take a second to say like wait a minute, we're in the oval office". "The only thing I can do is to make him proud that I he did it and not disappoint him", she said.

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