PM Narendra Modi to address Rallies in poll-bound Karnataka today

Jan Akrosh Rally: Congress workers say “Bring Rahul, save nation”

Amit Shah attacks Congress over its Jan Aakrosh rally

PM Narendra Modi has launch a blistering attack on Congress president Gandhi during an election rally in Mysuru. Siddaramaiah also taunted Modi by asking if BS Yedyurappa was still the saffron party's Chief Ministerial candidate in Karnataka.

# 09:40 AM: Siddaramaiah fires "welcome" salvo at PM Modi: Dear Narendra Modi, Heard you are visiting Namma Karnataka tomorrow. The arrangements we made for today are not enough. "Democracy is a gift of the India's Constitution and we should all strive to strengthen it", he said. He asked, "You first make scam tainted @BSYBJP your party's CM face in Karnataka". "We did this mission within the deadline but we won't stop here".

Speaking at length about proving electricity to 18,000 villages, PM Modi targeted the Congress and questioned why those villages lacked power supply since independence. "Why didn't you do it till 2014?" Congress electrified 1,07,600 villages. Even if someone is 80-90 years old, they will be respected. Congress president, Sir, we can not sit before you. A person then informed the singer to cut short the national song, thereby disrespecting Vande Mataram.

On criticism of the Congress party and its leaders by the BJP, Rahul said: "PM Modi had said that Congress did nothing in 70 years and demanded 60 months for change".

The Congress had complained to the Karnataka Police on Thursday that the aircraft carrying Rahul Gandhi from Delhi to Hubli earlier in the day suffered "unexplained technical snags" mid-air. This is the innovation of the sleeping CM of Karnataka. Forget 2 seats, Sir. "The common people want to end Modi rule". This is a version of family politics in Karnataka. The state government, its ministers and their followers are all complicit in some corruption cases.

"They are people who do drama". "Now let use what happens in Karnataka. There is no water in this region, no employment". The biggest takeaways from that opinion poll is that no one party is expected to cross the magic number of 112 that is required to form the government in the state.

"Before I came here, I was told there is a wave for the BJP", Modi said.

Ahead of the polling, the Prime Minister is expected to address 15 rallies in different parts of the southern state. "Siddaramaiah, you say now that you will bring back the Lokayukta if you are re-elected".

" " "Complimenting Modi over his recent claim that he too is a Kannadiga, Siddaramaiah, in series of tweets late last night, also raised concerns over alleged imposition of Hindi".

Rahul Gandhi at the rally in New Delhi on Sunday.

Sonia Gandhi charged the government with muzzling dissenting voices and dividing communities with an eye on electoral gains. Before his Udupi rally, Modi will visit Krishna matha.

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