Plane makes emergency landing after cockpit windshield breaks

Chinese plane windshield pops out mid-flight

Pilot 'sucked out of cockpit window' landed plane after being pulled back in

"Just a huge noise", Captain Liu Chuanjian told the newspaper Chengdu Economic Daily.

According to Aviation Herald the Airbus A319 performing flight 3U-8633 "from Chongqing to Lhasa (China), was en-route at 9800 meters (FL321) about 60nm west of Chengdu over mountainous terrain, when the right-hand windshield burst completely, the glass hitting and injuring the first officer".

'Everything in the cockpit was floating in the air.

Pictures shared online show the co-pilot's side of the windshield gone and it emerged that he was nearly sucked out of the window by the sudden loss of pressure. Luckily, he had the belt buckled up.

"I couldn't hear the radio", he said. China said that the way pilot Liu Chuanzhi made the plane successfully landing in the twenty minutes at 800-900 kilometers per hour, it was extremely hard.

The Sichuan Airlines flight from Chongquin to Lhasa had to be grounded immediately when the windshield suddenly broke open yesterday morning.

Reports from yesterday also said 27 flight passengers claimed to be unwell after the incident and had to be hospitalised.

Sichuan Airlines, a regional airline headquartered in Chengdu, operates mostly domestic flights but also flies internationally to countries such as Japan, Canada and the Czech Republic. It also has global routes to Canada, Japan and the Czech Republic.

Chinese plane windshield pops out mid-flight
Chinese pilot lands passenger jet safely after windshield shatters at 32000 feet

The aircraft was shaking vehemently and he could not read the metres.

According to Sichuan Airlines, the co-pilot sustained scratches on the face and minor injuries on the waist, one female passenger had minor injuries on the waist.

It made its emergency landing in the south-west city of Chengdu.

The airline will soon conduct an investigation, and the Sichuan Airlines incident happened almost one month after a woman died on a Southwest Airlines flight when her window broke.

The co-pilot, who was wearing a seatbelt, was pulled back in.

No details have been shared about what caused the windshield to break. In August 2015, a Delta Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Colorado after its windscreen and nose cone were badly damaged by hail. "The aircraft was in a state of low pressure and a temperature was minus 30 to minus 40 degree Celsius", Jiang Wenxue, a Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) official, said to Xinhua.

An investigation into how the incident occurred has now been launched. "People were shocked", one passenger said, describing a feeling of weightlessness.

Zhou said that some air stewardesses were thrown into air and that food was strewn about.

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