Oculus Go Standalone Headset Now Available For $199

F8 Attendees Get Free Oculus Go on May 2

Credit Jeff Crusey

Oculus has made its standalone mobile virtual reality headset available. The base Oculus Go will cost $199, comes with 32GB of storage, and the higher version comes with 64GB storage and will sell for $249. We don't yet know what Facebook has in store for us, but Amazon may have blown the lid on at least one surprise: the company listed the Oculus Go for pre-order.

I've had about a week to play around with the headset, and this really feels like a game-changer in a lot of ways. And with no need to drop in a phone or power up a PC, it's never been easier to share VR with friends.

It has been a long time coming, but it looks like the Oculus Go will finally be available starting this week. That also means that all of the Gear VR's Oculus app and VR experience catalog will work with Oculus Go from day one. The headset's design echoes that and the experience once you jump in. You will also get a touch controller bundled with the headset, which is powered by a AA battery. The audio output is integrated into the headset. Who's picking one up, and which model are you going with? The stand-alone VR headset doesn't require a computer, or a smartphone, or any additional hardware.

That immediate availability only applies to the U.S. for the time being.

The display does a fine job, but is nothing to write home about. You can now buy Oculus Go from oculus.com in 23 countries, including the United Kingdom and US.

All right, so what's so special about this headset?

That architecture has helped Facebook and Oculus keep the price down, of course, but it has also forced some compromises.

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