Justice Dept, FBI launch probe into Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower warns of 'new Cold War' online

Zuckerberg agrees to face EU Parliament over Facebook data use

Areas where Zuck & co failed to meet the committee's exacting standards included Cambridge Analytica, dark ads, Facebook Connect, data collection across the web and the firm's budgets for investigations.

CA has vehemently denied exploiting data obtained from up to 87 million Facebook users for Donald Trump's presidential campaign, claiming it deleted data obtained in breach of the social network's terms of service.

Prosecutors have questioned potential witnesses in recent weeks, telling them that there is an open investigation into Cambridge Analytica - which worked on President Trump's election and other Republican campaigns in 2016 - and "associated US persons".

"The investigation process is in full swing", said an online statement from Facebook product partnerships vice-president Ime Archibong.

The Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal has prompted calls on Capitol Hill for stricter regulations of social media companies like Facebook, and entities that work with them, but so far, the Republican-led Congress has yet to move forward with any substantive changes.

Mark Zuckerberg has once again rejected the advances of the United Kingdom parliamentary committee that are probing the misuse of Facebook data and how the firm slurps user info.

Facebook, as a platform that allows data harvesting to happen, faced a strong backlash from the public and lawmakers.

A report by the New Scientist reveals yet another leak that affects data of over 3 million users that was "left exposed online for anyone to access" for over four years! The man behind the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Alexandr Kogan, was named a collaborator on the myPersonality project until 2014, though "myPersonality" never actually shared any information with Cambridge Analytica.

That said, the myPersonality Facebook app did actually scrub your name off before exposing your personal data online.

Remember Cambridge Analytica? Well, the data firm that shut down recently is back.

Want to improve your privacy on Facebook?

"We have provided comprehensive responses to the 39 points that the committee raised following Mike Schroepfer's testimony", a Facebook spokesman said in a statement. Also, both cases had one researcher in common.

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