'Gotham' Renewed for Fifth and Final Season at Fox

Image via Fox

Image via Fox

An episode count for Gotham Season 5 has not yet been determined, but it's possible this upcoming season could consist of only 13 episodes as opposed to the traditional 22.

As for how we want to see Gotham end, of course it would be great to actually hear the word "Batman" spoken - or to see potentially a few more villains we haven't had a chance to meet just yet. FOX dropped Lucifer like a hot potato, surprising everyone, andLucifer's numbers are a lot better than Gotham's are. Fans began panicking last week as Fox canceled most series that were not produced in-house. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the pickup is for 13 episodes, though the network and producers Warner Bros.

According to Variety, the DC superhero series will finish after its fifth season, which will take the show past 100 episodes.

It probably makes sense to do a time jump, especially considering Bruce Wayne is still a teenager.

Earlier this year, Fox Chairman Gary Newman rolled up to the Innovative TV Conference in Jerusalem to chat about the potential for Gotham to return.

This last season, the character of "The Joker" was introduced to the fans of Gotham, but without ever saying that name. Thus far, all of Fox's new half-hour orders are multicamera comedies as the network pivots to a broader direction ahead of the corporate company's sale to Disney (which includes studio 20th TV).

The renewal is a little bit of a surprise considering that Gotham hasn't been at its most fabulous - in terms of ratings, at least - this season.

But fans of the show shouldn't despair.

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