Google Maps gets personalised recommendation features and a neat Augmented Reality view

Google I/O Update: Google Maps 'For You' Section, Augmented Reality Features Announced

Google Maps to get updated with new Assistant, AR, and recommendation features

Finally, Maps will also make it possible for you to share what you want to do with friends.

To help provide for these changing needs, the Google Maps team have worked to integrate Google Maps with the smartphone camera.

The first is an entirely new tab within the Google Maps app called For You.

As detailed, a new Explore tab features everything you need to know about dining, events, and activity options in an area that you're interested in. For example, if you tell the app you don't like Italian food, the app will likely give local Italian restaurants a low number rating.

Google Maps wasn't forgotten at the search giant's big developer conference this year. This is particularly evident with a new "Your match" score that lets users see why such and such a place was recommend.

The new "For you" tab offers a customised view of trending places in areas that you choose to view. The score is generated by utilising Machine Learning and outlines the reasons explaining why it thinks you'd enjoy that place such as "you enjoy Greek food" and it's similar to another restaurant you've visited and liked, as well as giving you the score. Google has thought of this and has added in Group Planning tools.

Instead of relying on an unclear blue dot while walking around a cluttered city, Google suggests this camera-fueled augmented reality interface may one day save the day.

The new AR view will overlay your Google Maps navigation directions over the camera view, showing directions, street names and even overlaying business names and information cards about them. Google Maps say to go South on High Street, but how do you know which way is South, and if it is an unfamiliar location, how do you know which one is High Street? Google has also been toying with a new animated "Guide" to help you get you where you're going. Google News will be available in 127 countries on both Android and iOS, starting today, with a global roll-out planned for sometime later this week.

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