Germany supports maintaining Iran nuclear deal - Merkel to Rouhani

Trump Macron Call For'New Nuclear Deal With Iran

Comment: Entente Cordiale

Earlier in the week, President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the 2015 deal.

The statement of the Chancellor was made after earlier this week American President Donald trump made an announcement that the United States chose to withdraw from nuclear deal with Iran and to restore sanctions against Tehran. Instead, Europe has to take its destiny into its own hands. "That is the task for the future".

Late last night, the Israeli army said Iranian forces in Syria had fired 20 rockets into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights but that all had been intercepted by their air-defense system.

Mr Macron echoed Mrs Merkel's criticisms of the USA decision to leave the nuclear deal and said that Europe should show greater unity and strength to become the main guarantor of stability in the Middle East.

Pointing to the civil war in Syria, Merkel said that numerous global conflicts today were flaring on the doorstep of Europe.

Yet for all his calls for a deepening of the EU, Macron is waiting to see if Merkel will join him amid resistance in her conservative CDU party to French plans.

The 2015 deal, worked out by the United States, France and four other global powers as well as Iran, eased sanctions in exchange for Tehran limiting its nuclear program.

The French President has pushed an agenda of huge Eurozone changes since taking charge of Paris in May 2017 - including introducing a European minister for finance, a separate Eurozone budget and parliament.

"What's most important is to maintain stability and peace in the Near and Middle East", he stressed.

"Germany can't have a perpetual fetish about budget and trade surpluses, because they come at the expense of others", Macron said as he received the annual "Charlemagne Prize" from the city of Aachen in front of an audience including the German chancellor.

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