Facebook is Finally Gonna Redesign Messenger

Facebook is redesigning Messenger to be more simple

Facebook is Finally Gonna Redesign Messenger

On the first day of its F8 2018 annual developer conference in San Jose, California, Facebook announced a number of initiatives created to expand the use of augmented reality (AR) across its family of apps, including support for third-party AR filters in Messenger, Instagram and more. The first four companies participating in the closed beta test are ASUS, Kia, Nike, and Sephora.

Though the feature will be much more limited for now. Facebook plans to roll out the feature to other countries, with additional languages, sometime in the future. ASUS will be bringing the "unboxing experience" to life with the ability to get a deeper look at phone features and functionalities, and Kia will give people looking to buy a vehicle the opportunity to customize and get up close and personal with the Kia Stinger. Kia will use it to let people try customizing the Kia Stinger. And Sephora is making trying on new makeup easier than ever with a selection of looks to try on and share. We're excited to see how this enhances connections between people and the brands they love, while delivering business outcomes at scale. The feature is aimed at businesses that might want to incorporate augmented reality into their Messenger experiences. Buyers and sellers connected through Facebook's Marketplace will have the option of using Messenger's intelligent bot to translate messages from English to Spanish, and vice-versa.

In addition to augmented reality, Messenger is also introducing a new translation feature for its built-in (and now fully automated) assistant, M. Powered by the same tech that runs translations in News Feed, the feature will eventually be able to offer up real-time translations when you're chatting with someone who speaks another language.

The feature will launch with English and Spanish translations of Marketplace conversations in the USA and will be extended to general Messenger use in coming weeks, the service said in a blog post.

Other companies also are using artificial intelligence to break language barriers.

We can't thank enough the businesses and developers that continue to build on the Messenger Platform and amaze us and their customers with unique and engaging experiences. Marketers can place ads directly in the service, and Facebook sells ads in its News Feed that connect to Messenger conversations.

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