Donnelly announces support for Trump's Central Intelligence Agency pick Gina Haspel

02:59Dick Cheney Urges Continued 'Enhanced Interrogation' of Terror Suspects

CIA nominee has ties to Kentucky

If confirmed, she would be the first woman to serve as head of the agency.

Brutal interrogation practices are now banned under USA law, but debate on the issue has re-surfaced during Haspel's confirmation process because she was once involved in the CIA's interrogation program.

Right now, we have an administration led by a president who has expressed a clear interest in resuming the very "enhanced interrogation" techniques that Acting Director Haspel oversaw.

For some of us, the act of torture as an interrogation technique presents a most hard conundrum. "A lot of people try to call it that, but it wasn't deemed torture at the time", Cheney said.

Haspel is expected to get the nod from the GOP-controlled Senate intelligence committee, but senators are still deciding whether they will vote to confirm her when the full Senate votes in upcoming weeks. But, any potential damage done by this lack of support for could be negated by Democratic Sen.

Pompeo floats North Korea aid for denuclearization Kaine to oppose Haspel to lead CIA These three Democrats are no sure thing in November MORE (W.Va.), who backed her earlier this week.

With Donnelly's support, Senate Republicans, who hold a slim 51-49 majority, have a chance to reach the necessary votes in a floor vote.

West Virginia's Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat in a state that voted for Mr. Trump by the greatest margin, has also voiced his support for Haspel.

Over the past few days, Mike Braun, the Republican nominee for Senate in IN, attacked Donnelly for being undecided on Haspel's nomination and playing a political game with his vote, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

But while showing deference to the Arizona Republican, who is at home battling brain cancer, few GOP senators gave signs Thursday that McCain's opposition to the Central Intelligence Agency pick would sink her nomination.

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