Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with Russian lawyer

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Although the Senate Intelligence Committee has yet to weigh in on the collusion allegations, Burr and Warner have hinted for days that their panel's interim findings on the intelligence community would depart from those reached by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee.

The House report had argued that the intelligence community "did not employ proper analytic tradecraft" in gauging Russian President Vladimir Putin's intentions.

Six months after the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between Trump campaign officials and a self-described Kremlin informant, an intermediary contacted Donald Trump's office asking for a follow-up, according to documents released Wednesday by a Senate committee.

Meanwhile, the Senate intelligence committee said it stands behind a 2017 assessment by US intelligence agencies that Russian Federation intervened in the election to hurt Clinton and help Trump.

Publicist and music promoter Rob Goldstone "arranged the meeting at the request of pop singer Emin Agalarov", who told Trump, Jr., what they may receive.

"It means this wasn't something that I wanted to give much focus to, again, given the fact we were dealing with a potential contested convention and they very reality of having to replace a campaign manager mid primaries", he said.

Special counsel Robert Mueller took a keen interest in this meeting as part of his probe into allegations of collusion between Trump campaign officials and Russian Federation.

Bradley A. Smith, a former Bill Clinton-appointed Republican Federal Election Commission member, said based on what's known about the meeting, Trump Jr.'s actions are unlikely to be considered illegal solicitation.

He continued: "I've heard nothing to contradict anything from the [assessment], particularly in terms of the fact that Russians massively intervened in our elections to the goal of helping Mr. Trump and hurting Hillary Clinton".

Warner said Monday that, "Everyone that we've ever had testify still stands by the full findings of the ICA, " referring to the intelligence community's assessment. "He was nearly like lying there, like, you know, on his phone, and it's through the whole meeting", Akhmetshin said.

Trump was reportedly hoping that the Miss Universe contest could open doors to a major development deal in Moscow.

"Every billionaire who comes to Moscow wants to meet with Putin and a lot of them don't get the chance", Mr McFaul said.

"As I said in my statement, it was a colloquial term used to say, hey, great thank you", Trump Jr. said. They walked into Trump Tower.

It was unclear whether Mr Agalarov delivered the letter to Mr Putin or whether Mr Putin responded.

Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee also heard from Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower, Christopher Wylie.

In the email exchange, Veselnitskaya was identified as a "Russian government attorney".

Kushner, who Grassley previously said had been "spooked" out of testifying, and Manafort, who has since been indicted on money laundering and assorted other charges, did not appear before the committee. As Mother Jones noted, the testimony painted a picture of Trump "fixated" on meeting with Putin and crushed when the Russian president did not have time for him.

When asked if he remembered details of the calls, Mr. Trump replied, "I don't".

Mr Trump did not make it to Mr Agalarov's party in Moscow. Goldstone emailed Trump's personal secretary, Rhona Graff, on July 22, 2015, just six days after Trump launched his presidential campaign, inviting Trump to attend Aras Agalarov's 60th birthday party on November 8 of that year in Moscow.

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