Deadpool apologizes to David Beckham for making fun of his voice

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Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds tweeted the skit, saying "Little known fact: Canadians are born with a black belt in apology".

In the latest ad spot for Deadpool 2, viewers see the former soccer star re-watching the scene where Deadpool insults him to Blind Al. The unconventional superhero shows up at Beckham's door not one, not two, but four times with grand gestures that ultimately put him back in his friend's good graces. "Hey Sorry", reads a text from the antihero.

He later tries a bunch of helium balloons and asks in high-pitched voice, "Too soon?" Deadpool finally wins over Beckham with tickets to the World Cup. "I can't wait to not watch Italy play the Netherlands", he says as he and Beckham hug it out.

Deadpool isn't one to mince words, but even the Merc with a mouth has to apologize sometimes.

The footage ends with Beckham and Deadpool calling a truce as they sit on the sofa together.

However, Beckham then pretends to have no idea what Deadpool was apologizing for, claiming he thought Ryan was trying to make amends for a string of his critically-panned projects of the past, including R.I.P.D., Blade: Trinity, and Green Lantern. Last year, it was Reynolds mocking a photo of Jackman and fans during his trip to China to promote Logan.

"Boltneck was a masterpiece!", Reynolds shouts - apparently having not checked the dud's 34% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Check out the full ad above.

David Leitch's Deadpool 2, from 20th Century Fox and Marvel, hits theaters on May 18.

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