Climate change, crowding imperil route to top of Mount Everest

Sherpa guide climbs Everest for a record-setting 22nd time

Nepalese Sherpa guide Kami Rita 48 summited Mount Everest Wednesday for the 22nd time setting a world record officials said

Kami Rita set a new Mount Everest record by climbing Mount Everest on Wednesday for a 22nd time while a female climber made it to the top for the ninth time, each setting a new record on the world's highest mountain, officials said.

The 48-year-old Sherpa successfully reached the 8,848-metre high peak on Wednesday morning, breaking the previous record of 21 climbs jointly held by fellow Nepalis Appa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi Sherpa.

Kami Rita first scaled Everest at age 24, and has made the trip nearly every year since then.

The United States-based climber has repeatedly broken her own record for the most Everest summits by a woman.

The team reached the summit on Sunday afternoon while fixing ropes for foreign climbers, who will begin this week to ascend the mountain. In past years, climbers would have to navigate the icefall two to three times, but now many have cut back, turning to other safer peaks with similar heights for their early training.

Rajeev Shrestha of the Seven Summit Adventure agency in Kathmandu said he received a message from the base camp about the successful climb. She lives most of the year in the US state of CT and has a son and two daughters.

Eight Nepali climbers reached the top of on Sunday, the first of hundreds of climbers expected to summit the world's highest mountain in coming weeks.

According to Sherpa, she wants to climb Mt Everest for at least 10 times.

"He has set the world record", said Mingma Sherpa, chairman of the Seven Summit Treks company that employs Kami.

She moved to America 16 years ago and says she plans to continue climbing, while keeping her job in the supermarket.

A boom in climbers has made mountaineering a lucrative business since Sir Edmund Hillary and sherpa Tenzing Norgay made the first ascent in 1953. According to the Himalayan Database, a record of expeditions in the Himalayas since 1903, out of 8,306 Everest summits so far, 5,280 have happened from Nepal and 3,026 from Tibet.

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