Armenia's president appoints Pashinyan as prime minister

Change of power in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh settlement

Armenian Protest Leader Gets Second Chance At Prime Minister In Parliamentary Vote

"The victory is the fact that it's you who have decided who must be prime minister of Armenia".

"What is this? Initial naivete, ignorance of the subject, the bravado of the victor or maybe all of these together?" he later said of Pashinian's announcement. A "drastic" change in Armenia foreign policy would only hurt the country, he said. Nearly all MPs from the Republican Party of Armenia voted against appointing the leader of the Velvet Revolution as the head of the government.

Armenia's opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan was elected prime minister on Tuesday, ending weeks of protests against corruption and cronyism that erupted with the election of veteran politician Serzh Sarkisian.

Ahead of the vote, Pashinian told the legislature he would fight corruption. "And this place is not in power, but in the opposition".

"By the end of the parliamentary session Armenia will have a prime minister". Russian Federation has two military bases in Armenia and is wary of so-called color revolutions such as occurred in Ukraine and Georgia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin later sent a telegram congratulating Pashinyan on his election, hoping that he will strengthen ties between the two countries, said the Kremlin according to the RIA news agency.

Armenia's new prime minister has suggested that he will push for recognition of the sovereignty of the Nagorno-Karabakh region - one of Armenia's most hard and volatile problems. Fighting periodically breaks out between those forces and Azerbaijani troops stationed on the other side of a demilitarized zone.

"I can assure you that there will not be oligarchs in government", Pashinian said, adding, "There will be no monopolies in our economy if I am elected".

Both Azerbaijan and Turkey have closed their borders with Armenia over the conflict, inhibiting trade and leaving Armenia in semi-isolation.

Parliament met again on Tuesday to choose a leader, and this time Mr. Pashinyan prevailed.

Numerous supporters are wearing white clothes, symbolizing their hopes that Pashinian's election will bring a new page in Armenia.

"There will be no privileged people in Armenia".

As previously reported by the Weekly, 59 votes were cast in favor of Pashinyan, while 42 Members of Parliament voted against him.

In his turn, Pashinyan showed no inclination to back off on his ambitious agenda to remake the country, and no indication that he wanted or expected any cooperation from the Republicans.

Pashinyan has become hugely popular among Armenians after spearheading weeks of mass protests against the ruling party.

Armenia's peaceful uprising against single-party rule - and the way its political leaders responded - is seen as unprecedented for a former Soviet state. That move appeared to ensure Pashinian would be chosen Tuesday.

The signing of the order is a formality required by the Consitution whereby the president appoints the elected Prime Minister.

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