Apple Upgrades HomePod Speaker With Stereo, Multi-Room Audio

AirPlay 2 and Home Pod stereo pairing arrive with iOS 11.4		
	Brian Heater

   	7 hours

AirPlay 2 and Home Pod stereo pairing arrive with iOS 11.4 Brian Heater @ 7 hours

Why Apple is not highlighting this is unclear, but this feature was announced at WWDC a year ago and syncs messages across a user's devices.

To commemorate the arrival of the tool, which also enables stereo sound from two linked HomePod speakers, Apple has published a list of the third-party devices that also support AirPlay 2.

With the fifth beta of iOS 11, Apple suddenly removed Messages in iCloud.

All AirPlay 2 devices can be controlled using an iOS device, HomePod, Apple TV, or by asking Siri. You can also control the synced speaker directly from the lock screen of iPhones and iPads and also through Siri.

iOS 11.4 is available to download and install now.

There is no word from Apple as to whether the AirPlay-compatible AirPort Express wireless extender with receive an AirPlay 2 update.

AirPlay 2 is all about multiroom audio, and it also brings stereo dual-HomePod music playback to HomePods. The update allows the HomePod and Apple TV (the two Apple devices that now support AirPlay 2), as well as forthcoming third-party AirPlay 2 devices, to play the same audio throughout your home or only in select areas of your home.

The following are set to benefit from Apple AirPlay 2.

AirPlay 2 lets users control their home audio system and AirPlay 2 compatible speakers by syncing them and playing music at the same time.

Other features coming with the update include Apple'sSiri voice assistant's new ability to control some other non-Apple speakers including those made by Sonos, Bang & Olufson, Bose and others. Nevertheless, the new change is likely to convince other multimedia device manufacturers to integrate the new protocol.

Anyway, as it turns out, there is a much more important feature in iOS 11.4 than AirPlay 2 stereo pairing. There is also an advanced beamforming that is claimed to provide wider soundstage than a traditional stereo pair. The feature, however, never arrived with most people having forgotten about it.

IOS 11.4 is out, and it brings with it a feature that was first promised to us in iOS 11.3 created to help streamline messaging between devices.

Messages in iCloud moves all those messages-including attachments and photos shared in those messages-from Apple devices to iCloud. This helps to save some local storage space on your devices.

For years, Apple has offered AirPlay so that you could instantly share audio or video between your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, an Apple TV, or another AirPlay-enabled device.

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