Video trend the 'condom challenge' makes online resurgence


Parents Warned: Teen 'Condom Challenge' Is Not Safe

Hundreds have filmed themselves attempting the aptly-named "condom snorting challenge", with stomach-churning videos documenting the entire process. In the condom-snorting challenge, participants are encouraged to inhale a condom through their noses and down their throats, where they grab it and pull it out.

But over the past five years, US poison control centers have received only one report of a condom inhalation.

The condom snorting fad follows a recent trend of people eating Tide Pods and encouraging or daring others to do the same. Not to mention the possible choking hazard involved in condom inhalation, Inquisitr notes.

Yes, it's gross. Worse, it's unsafe, warns Bruce Y. Lee, an associate professor of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. It's best to use condoms as they were intended: for safe, consensual sex. Teens are circulating videos on social media in which they insert a condom in one nostril, inhale it, and extract it through the mouth. Texas education specialist Stephen Enriquez told Fox News affiliate KABB-TV that these bad decisions were fueled by a desire to get more views and likes on social media. In America the "challenge" dates back to at least 2007, when a YouTuber uploaded herself snorting a condom, but YouTube pulled the video for containing "harmful or unsafe content".

Videos date back to 2007 on YouTube, and in 2013, Savannah Strong became one of the first YouTube stars to go viral for doing the challenge. The challenge is extremely risky and even caught the attention of the American Association of Poison Control Centers, which warned about the risks of social media craze.

In 2004, doctors in India documented a case of a 27-year-old woman who accidentally inhaled a condom through her nose, didn't get it out, and wound up with a partially collapsed lung as a result.

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