Team Arrests Accused Sheriff's Deputy Killer; Suspect Had Gun Charges in Haverhill

Maine State Police Lt. Col. John Cote addresses the news media Thursday during a news conference at the Grange hall in Norridgewock

Suspect in shooting death of Maine officer arrested after days-long manhunt

A friend said Williams was acting paranoid and had body armor with him before Cole was killed in an encounter early Wednesday on a darkened roadside. Police declined to say whether he'd been apprehended, or had turned himself in.

Maine State Police said Williams shot and killed Cpl.

Cole, 62, had been concerned within the arrest of Williams' girlfriend a number of days earlier, and Williams was mentioned to be fearful about being arrested himself for failing to seem in courtroom in MA on firearm fees the day of the capturing.

The FBI on Thursday issued a reward of $20,000 for information leading to Williams' capture.

State and local law enforcement flooded the region this week, with a particularly massive police presence in Norridgewock, where the shooting occurred.

Williams was angry about his girlfriend's arrest and he'd told a friend that "as of tomorrow, I'll be a fugitive".

"I'm just glad it ended peacefully, and no one else got hurt", said Tasha Raymond, whose kids have been forced to play indoors for the past four days. (AAP) The widescale manhunt involved heavily armed officers scouring the woods for Corporal Cole's killer.

Helicopters, cruisers and tactical autos prowled the area, making the area people of three, 500 nervous as scores of cops poured into the realm.

Williams was found naked about a half-mile back from Norridgewock Road, according to a law enforcement officer close to the investigation. (AAP) Williams was wanted for failing to appear in court on firearms charges.

That camp was where teams hunting by ground and air found him. Williams then drove away in Cole's marked cruiser and was later seen on surveillance camera walking inside a convenience store.

Williams was cleared by medics after his arrest, sent to Waterville police for questioning and is expected to spend the next couple of days at Maine Correctional Center in Windham before a court appearance "at the first of the week", Cote said.

Before the arrest, the wife of the slain deputy had implored his killer to turn himself in, or at least reach out to police.

Williams' arrest ends a phase of the crisis, but an investigation into his alleged connection continues and a criminal trial lies ahead.

The sheriff's office said Cole was a 13-year veteran of the agency. Sheriff Dale Lancaster calls him an "outstanding employee, one of the finest deputies". His funeral is scheduled for May 7.

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