Students scoff at security measures after shooting

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And backpacks won't prevent firearms from getting in the hands of unsafe people in the first place, she said. He shot 17 people to death and injured 17 more. Many students posted photos of them on Twitter, along with sarcastic comments.

"Feminine hygiene products that we need, that we have to carry with us, we can't choose to be on our menstrual or not". As much as I appreciate the effort we as a country need to focus on the real issue instead of turning our schools into prisons.

Nearly immediately, the decision drew sharp criticism that it was merely a band-aid solution to a much bigger gun control issue, and that forcing students to publicly display everything they were carrying was an invasion of privacy. "Every day, students lose more and more freedoms at MSD".

"The process will be very similar to when you enter a sporting event, concert, or even Disney World", he wrote. "I feel so safe now". Metal-detecting wands weren't being used Monday but are being considered, officials said.

Students, now required to wear ID badges around their necks at all times, are being allowed inside through four monitored gates before school starts, and through just one entry point after the bell rings. "As a first step, we are looking to see if we can get the kids through these entrances in a timely manner".

Students from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida have been at the centre of those protests, demanding more from their politicians and legislators and calling on US President Donald Trump to confront the issue. The shooting in Parkland has restarted the debate on gun control from other school shootings such as Columbine, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook Elementary. It is very hard to balance both convenience/privacy with safety/security; if there is more of one, the other often suffers, but I will do my best to balance the two.

In addition to clear backpacks, the Broward County school district has ensured there will be increased police presence on campus.

Students were told to bring some folders and spiral notebooks to school, but to leave their own original backpacks at home.

On Monday, many students entered the campus carrying plastic grocery bags containing their books and other belongings. The district is preparing a security assessment of all schools as part of a grant application to receive state dollars, he said.

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