Rowan Atkinson Is Back In First 'Johnny English Strikes Again' Trailer

Johnny English

Rowan Atkinson is back as everyone's favourite Spy in trailer for Johnny English Strikes Again

Check out the trailer for Johnny English Strikes Again! Joking aside, we're liking the look of Emma Thompson as the PM, while Olga Kurylenko looks like she's having a ball as the villain of the piece. With supporting turns from the likes of Natalie Imbruglia and John Malkovich, the first movie was a commercial success but a sequel didn't materialize until 2011 with Johnny English Reborn which featured more of the same spy-spoof gags and slapstick humor. Which is another answer for you in case you were still confused as to why there's another Johnny English film coming across the pond. Watch the trailer above.

Johnny (Rowan Atkinson) is brought back out of retirement to track down the hacking mastermind behind a massive cyber-attack, which has revealed the identity of all active undercover agents in the United Kingdom. It's exhausted, and we as a society of trailer-watching individuals should move on from it. I wake up to find out that not only is Rowan Atkinson still living, but he's been busy.

Johnny English Strikes Again was directed by David Kerr from a script by William Davies.

Universal Pictures has released an official trailer for Johnny English Strikes Again, the third entry in the franchise which stars Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean, The Lion King, Love Actually) in the title role. Whereas the first film found Johnny as Britain's only secret agent left standing, round three finds him as the only one who hasn't been outed by a cyber-attack revealing the identity of every active undercover MI5 operative.

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