& Rakim Bring Out Cynthia Nixon During New York Show

Housing advocacy group backs governor candidate Cynthia Nixon, Gov. Cuomo defends his record of creating affordable housing

Cynthia Nixon wants to legalize weed in New York

Though New York hasn't joined the nine other states (including neighboring Vermont and Massachusetts) in approving marijuana, Cuomo contended Wednesday the state was "actually ahead on it". & Rakim may have famously released "Eric B. Is President" in 1986, but the hip-hop legends are now all about Cynthia Nixon for governor.

Nixon recently announced that she wants to legalize marijuana in NY. EVERYTHING you said was very true, and I can't tell you my worries, as a mother of 2 black sons!

She continued: "The simple truth is, for white people, the use of marijuana has effectively been legal for a long time". While usage rates among whites and people of color are almost identical, most individuals arrested for marijuana possession are black or Latino.

Nixon said during an interview on Wendy Williams' nationally syndicated TV talk show that marijuana should be legalized to "capture some of that revenue" but she didn't mention race as a reason to legalize it. "It's time to legalize it for everyone else". The consequences follow people for the rest of their lives, making it harder to get jobs, or housing, and for noncitizens, putting them in the crosshairs for deportation.

Nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

Nixon linked to a website asking people to sign, saying "I agree with Cynthia: New York should legalize recreational use of marijuana". NY permits medical marijuana for certain conditions through a program regulated by the state Department of Health.

"If there was more political courage coming out of Albany, we would have done this already", Nixon added in the video. Federal legalization could also inject up to $130 billion into U.S. tax coffers by 2025.

For his part, de Blasio said he was a bit hesitant. He once called marijuana a "gateway drug" and even initially opposed legalization of medical marijuana.

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