Prince Charles lands in Australia for Commonwealth Games

Prince Harry Sydney

Prince Harry is swamped by rain and fans in Sydney in June last year

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are now on a tour of Australia, where Charles officially opened the Commonwealth Games.

Prince Charles has finally cleared up a rumour about his own personal toilet seat by calling it a load of crap. "Oh, don't believe all that cr*p".

Several media outlets leapt on images of the Duchess of Cornwall leafing through a programme during Wednesday's proceedings as evidence that she would rather have been elsewhere.

Express claims the duchess will travel home on a commercial flight to London, while Prince Charles is scheduled to travel to North Queensland and the Northern Territory, finishing the tour in Vanuatu on April 10th.

Pictures of Camilla thumbing through a programme in the VIP box between her husband Prince Charles and Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull were widely circulated on social media, prompting some users to criticise the 70-year-old for failing to show more appreciation.

The host turned to Camilla to confirm the prince's claims, asking, "So he doesn't carry his own toilet seat when he travels?"

We've listened to the audio several times, and have decided that the Duchess' wordless response is the exact midpoint between an embarrassed groan and an annoyed sigh.

Later that day, Prince Charles and Camilla attended the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

The tour comes as Australia is debating having a local head-of-state after the death of Queen Elizabeth. The crowd also flocked to the Old Government House where General Peter Cosgrove personally greeted them.

Charles and Camilla wandered among hundreds of well-wishers who had risked rain to see them before visiting a Brisbane children's hospital.

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