PM Narendra Modi will fast but won't skip DefExpo in Chennai

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Narendra Modi, BJP MPs to observe fast to protest budget session washout

Members of Parliament (MPs) would observe a day-long fast.

Without naming any political party, Modi said there are people who don't want any improvement in the condition of the poor as they feel it would become hard to mislead financially weaker sections if the government succeeds in its efforts to uplift the poor.

The parliament could barely work for an hour on each working day. Congress tried to preempt the BJP by observing "fast" on Monday.

Amit Shah will observe a hunger strike in Hubli in poll-bound Karnataka, while party MPs will fast in their constituencies.

Congress on Wednesday trained its guns on BJP MPs' nation-wide fast over disruption of Parliament by Opposition saying, if Prime Minister Narendra Modi felt so powerless, he should announce his retirement. Health minister JP Nadda will hold a sit-in at PM Modi's parliamentary constituency, Varanasi. Senior ministers Rajnath Singh, Dharmendra Pradhan, Suresh Prabhu will join the PM in Delhi.

"Iyer had quit the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) to join a World Bank cleanliness initiative, but chose to return to the country, leaving a comfortable life in the United States, to serve his motherland, Modi said".

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that in Bihar, nearby 8.5 lakh toilets were constructed in Bihar in just seven days. Attempts are being made to make the movement of this fasting act universal, as hashtag Fast with Modi began to trend quite early in the morning, with people being asked to change their display picture to a note, that said, "I am on Fat on 12th April". Tourism Minister KJ Alphons will observe the fast in Kerala.

Now, Modi has also accused the opposition, especially Congress, of practicing divisive politics and causing chaos.

"From the streets to Parliament, roadblocks are being created in the government's work".

The BJP has been vehemently protesting the recent "wasted" Parliament session, the most unproductive in 18 years, and blaming the opposition for it.

Both Houses saw repeated adjournments since the second leg of the Budget Session reconvened on 5 March over several issues.

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