National Guard at Border May Be Armed for Self-Defense

No Agreement Yet Between California, Defense Department On Terms For National Guard Deployment

California rejects Trump's request for National Guard troops on border

He can not come to terms for the National Guard to patrol and protect the Border.

In his agreement, Brown made it clear that California would "accept federal funding to increase the number of personnel supporting ongoing operations of the California National Guard to combat drugs and transnational crime, now staffed by 250 personnel statewide, including 55 near California's southern border". Other Republican governors not located on the border have also said they would support the effort with troops including Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. But Brown said he would not allow the California National Guard to enforce federal immigration laws but would let them participate in "support operations".

Even with California's Guard mobilization, Trump would have fallen short of his proposed deployment of at least 2,000 troops to the border. Jerry Brown to mobilize the state's National Guard in its border mission.

But the Democratic Brown conditioned his support by insisting that California's troops have nothing to do with immigration enforcement. Whether they carry firearms is up to each state's governor.

The border mission could require up to 4,000 Guard personnel, but Pentagon officials now see a need for about 2,000 Guard members, said Robert Salesses, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Homeland Defense Integration. "Much wanted Wall in San Diego already started!"

Talks between US and California officials about the duties the California troops would perform soured Friday and over the weekend after state authorities told federal officials that they would not participate in vehicle maintenance and the other jobs outlined for an initial phase across the border in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, the USA officials said.

"Guardsman and women will not perform any federal state law enforcement functions; they will not be employed in. missions that place them in direct contact with personnel on the border, nor will they be required to be armed to perform their assigned CPB missions", Hokanson told reporters at a press briefing today. He said that federal authorities were grateful for the support that they have, and that they would continue the discussion with California for future phases of the operation to "see if those fit better with sort of the results as we know them now".

"We have 50 guardsmen near the southern border, we have a couple hundred guardsmen throughout the state dealing with the same problem so it is a very logical next step to add a couple hundred more or more than that and the Guard is chomping at the bit ready to go, so I think we'll get there", Brown added.

It's unclear how long the Guard personnel will be needed for the mission, Vitiello said, explaining that that the goal is to achieve "operational control" of the border, an end-state that involves the CPB's ability to detect and deter individuals from crossing the border illegally.

A U.S. Homeland Security Department spokesman said that the federal government is committed to working with Gov. However, President Trump could cut the California National Guard's federal funding-or end its federal recognition, meaning California guard members could no longer be part of the USA military, as Capitol Public Radio reported.

About 900 Guard members from Arizona, New Mexico and Texas have deployed to the southwest border so far to support for U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.

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