Israeli Labor Party suspends ties with Corbyn, citing anti-Semitism

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 PLANS Jeremy Corbyn

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Since Corbyn assumed leadership of the Labour party a series of controversies relating to his seemingly one-sided pro-Palestinian rhetoric, failure to stamp out anti-Semitism in his party and past actions, have led to a tumultuous relationship with British Jewry.

The Israeli Labour party said Tuesday it was suspending ties with Jeremy Corbyn because of the "hostility" he had shown to the Jewish community and the "anti-Semitic statements and actions" allowed during his time as Labour leader.

"As Israel approaches Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day this week, we are reminded of the horrors of anti-Semitism in Europe and our commitment to combating anti-Semitism of all forms and in all places", Gabbay's letter said.

Meanwhile, the BNP's Nick Griffin said today he would back vote for the party because of Mr Corbyn's stance on Syria.

"Should this suspension change, you will be updated accordingly", Gabbay wrote Corbyn. "I am a strong believer that engaging in meaningful dialogue is crucial to finding effective solutions and resolving disputes and I am clear that such a meeting would be just the start of a fruitful ongoing exchange on eradicating antisemitic behaviour and discourse within the Labour party".

British Labour and Israeli Labor are sister parties and as Gabbay explains in his letter "have a long history of friendship", citing positive past relations with Prime Minister's Harold Wilson, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Following the letter, Israel's deputy Knesset speaker Hilik Bar tweeted, to clarify that the suspension is "limited to Mr. Corbyn -himself-, rather than to the inter-party relations as a whole".

Corbyn posted a statement to be read out at a demonstration supporting the Palestinians in Gaza, saying "the killing and wounding of yet more unarmed Palestinian protesters yesterday by Israeli forces in Gaza is an outrage".

Last week, Corbyn attended a Passover Seder organized by a left-wing Jewish group that openly calls for Israel's destruction.

Israel's Labor Party announced on April 10 that it has suspended ties with UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, accusing him of "sanctioning anti-Semitism".

It comes after Corbyn was once again confronted with accusations of him being sympathetic to anti-Semites.

Mr Gabbay says the policies of Israel's opposition party and the ruling coalition government were "aligned" when it came to the "security of our citizens and the actions of our soldiers" and Mr Corbyn had shown "hatred" of the government's policies in these areas.

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