Gov. Walker takes to twitter, warns of possible Democratic wave


Progressive Judge Wins Big in Wisconsin Special Election

Walker says the results show "we are at risk of a #BlueWave in WI".

The race drew national attention, mostly from big-name Democrats from around the country who saw it as an opportunity build momentum before the general election in November.

"The candidate with the most experience in our courts and standing up for the fairness of our courts won", Dallet said.

The 48-year-old Dallet won the seat being vacated by Justice Michael Gableman, a key member of the court's conservative majority. 'I think people are exhausted of what's been going on in our state in terms of the money coming in to buy these elections and people spoke out tonight'. Her victory Tuesday narrowed the conservative control of the court from 5-2 to 4-3. That's exciting news for Democrats, who have failed to beat Walker in three previous attempts, and who were shocked when Donald Trump and unpopular Republican Senator Ron Johnson won in 2016.

"After a stunning rejection of his agenda and his chosen candidate in last night's Wisconsin Supreme Court race, Gov. Scott Walker took to Twitter and unleashed another unhinged string of tweets, warning of a "#BlueWave".

Dallet's victory comes a week after Walker and Republicans stepped away from their effort to block special elections from being held in the Senate District 1 and Assembly District 42, which have been vacant since December.

"I think Wisconsin voters stood up to special interests, and they're ready to have a fair and independent court", Dallet said. The court has been a reliable ally of Walker and Republicans who have controlled the governor's office and Legislature since 2011.

While state Supreme Court justices are nonpartisan, the race was highly politicized, with candidates and supporters on both sides finding ways to turn it into a referendum on the opposing party.

Dallet piled up big margins in Dane (Madison) and Milwaukee Counties, precisely where Democrats will need to do well in November. She will join the court in August.

As a private attorney, Screnock defended Walker's collective bargaining law and the Republican-drawn redistricting plan that is now before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Wisconsin's highest court will now have the highest representation by women.

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