Google overhauls Gmail in a move to oust Microsoft

Gmail's'confidential mode lets you set expiration dates on emails

Gmail's'confidential mode lets you set expiration dates

Google rolled out on Wednesday its biggest redesign of Gmail since 2013.

Disappearing email. The new Condfidential Mode lets you send emails that vanish from the recipient's inbox after a period you specify-sort of like a Snapchat for corporate correspondence-or which you can revoke after you've sent them.

Also for the web interface of Gmail will be available earlier in the mobile app feature "Smart response" that generates a quick reply with the help of machine learning algorithms. Google is building AI into all its products, and there are a handful of new smart Gmail features rolling out as part of the update.

There's also a new mode called "high-priority notifications" which will only alert for the emails Gmail thinks matter the most. This is in accordance with the prior breaks of what's in store from Gmail's new private mode, however, it's as yet uncertain about precisely how well this will function. Notwithstanding, the choice wasn't accessible for us right now, so the take-off is by all accounts slower than anticipated. By using the Snooze feature you can put off reading the message until another time or date. The mobile app has also received updates. There is also a choice for the recipient to receive an SMS message with a passcode generated by Google in order to access the email.

Gmail web or app will suggest you unsubscribe from newsletters or commercial messages you don't open. For those with messy inboxes, Google uses its algorithms to work out which emails are likely to be important and ensures that they resurface in order to remind the user to reply. Recipients will not be able to forward, copy and paste, download or print the content. New offline capabilities on the web app will let you work without interruption if Wi-Fi is scarce.

Google is hoping that the new additions like confidential mode and 2FA on a per-message basis will cut down a hacker's ability to access sensitive information, particularly at large organizations. Attachments can also be viewed without opening an entire email thread. Gmail will now show attachments directly so you don't need to keep on digging through emails to find a particular file.

If you are more like me and don't really care about how messy your inbox is, then the new "nudging" feature will come in handy. "It's familiar, it's Gmail, 'They didn't change too much.'As [users] discover features one by one, the satisfaction starts to increase". It will push emails it identifies as important to the top of your inbox, but only three a day.

While these are just some of the major additions in terms of features, Google has added a ton of new additions to make Gmail a breeze to use on the web version. Its user base is smaller, so interacting with it is easier, not to mention that its also made up of powerusers who can provide valuable feedback. It will warn people if a sender appears to be posing as someone you know.

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