Facebook confirms it can track you even if you delete your account

DICT calls on Facebook to build local data centers

Facebook comes under attack for tracking internet users who don't have a Facebook account

While IP addresses help list the countries where people are using an app, browser and operating system information gives developers data about the platforms people use.

Zuckerberg squirmed when pressed about a 2011 agreement with the Federal Trade Commission that was created to force Facebook to tighten its privacy controls. If Facebook did, it could be fined $40,000 per infraction.

In his post, Baser explained in detail how Facebook gathers information about you - it's basically a reminder of why nobody should be shocked when something you might have been looking up elsewhere then shows up as an ad on Facebook. He brushed off suggestions that Facebook has built a monopoly but didn't identify the company's competitors. Collecting data about users from other sites.

Facebook's outside shareholders certainly don't have much leverage, with King Mark controlling 59.9% of the corporation's voting shares despite owning less than 16% of shares overall, according to the proxy statement filed last week.

Although Zuckerberg didn't elaborate, the concept would be similar to what both video-streaming service Hulu and music-streaming service Spotify already do by offering a free version supported by ads or a commercial-free version that requires a subscription.

Facebook will also send people and Page administrator's notifications if they try to share a story or have shared one in the past that has been determined to be false. These companies also offer advertising services.

"We are beginning small and know it is important to learn from this test and listen to our community as we continue to update ways for people to understand what might be false news in their News Feed", it said. That way, users can once again be Facebook's customer, not its product.

The company yesterday published a blogpost, where its product manager David Baser said that Facebook collects data about web users who aren't even logged into Facebook.

The blog post also reviews the types of controls people with Facebook accounts have over their data. A Facebook spokesperson declined to provide additional information. Facebook, with over two billion users and a fleet of other apps like Instagram and WhatsApp, collects a remarkable amount of data on basically everyone with an online presence (even those without a Facebook account). It also launched the menu item "Privacy Shortcuts", where users can lock down who can view their profile or contact them.

Zuckerberg: Senator can you clarify what you mean by data categories?

"He's the founder and face of that company, and has been the subject of specific threats", Barrall said, according to Facebook's proxy. It was mostly just a restatement of Facebook's recently updated Terms and Data Policy, which was required by European Union law, but still went into zero detail about the full complement of data Facebook actually captures and uses to target ads and marketing.

Flummoxed, Zuckerberg resorted to a common response. "If I were on the board, I would want him protected 24/7". That number now stands at more than 87 million.

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