DICE Is Apparently Working On A Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Mode

Rumors of Fortnite's shutdown have proven to be nothing more than just an Internet hoax

Rumors of Fortnite's shutdown have proven to be nothing more than just an Internet hoax

The mode will likely be of a similar setup to games like PUBG and Fortnite.

The weapon was popular within the "Fortnite" community because it allowed them to pull off some creative stunts, like the player who rode a missile while downed to his teammates so they could revive him.

But at the time of writing, at least, Tilted Towers has yet to be destroyed, and nor has the comet collided anywhere else.

The game is now in Season 3, which is scheduled to end on April 30, leading many to believe that the meteor could drastically change the "Fortnite" map with a fiery blast - in a similar way that the dinosaurs were wiped out - especially if it were to hit "Tilted Towers", one of the most high-traffic, metropolitan areas in the game, where the meteor has been spotted.

Yeah, as per a new report over at VentureBeat, which cites sources close to the game.

Epic have so far only confirmed that the Light Machine Gun and 50V50 V2 mode are being added to the game.

Players are seeing the Matchmaking button appear in their games since last week's update.

These players had their wish granted for what seemed a limited amount of time, as Epic Games removed the guided missile from the game in order to fix an animation issue with the weapon. Some believe the vibrations actually constitute a message in Morse Code, allegedly reading SOS D5 418, which could in turn relate the meteor spotted in the game's skies. That users rationale included that the area is mostly disliked by the playerbase, that new telescopes had been added to the area, and that loot was more abundant.

Fans have also found evidence for a crater site under the map where the Tilted Towers now stand, and a new LTM mode has also been datamined.

It would make sense that Epic Games would want to do this big update near the end of the month, and for the beginning of Season 4.

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