Boycott TV9, TV5 & ABN, Says Pawan Kalyan

Sri Reddy Controversy Ram Gopal Varma and Allu Aravind get into a Nasty fight on Social Media

RGV and Allu Arvind

Pained by Sri Reddy's abusive word hurled at him, and media circus over this incident, Pawan Kalyan slammed everyone who have indulged in cheap tactics to defame him.

A few days ago, Pawan Kalyan told Sri Reddy to seek the help of police for issues regarding the casting couch and told her not to sensationalise it by going to media houses. "And also we have to boycott them for making a business out of nudity & profanity.Making a business out of a helpless sister". It wasn't Sri Reddy's idea. She ended her speech by showing her middle finger to Pawan Kalyan. Sri added that she won't call him "anna" (brother) now on.

"In a leaked phone conversation Sri Reddy was heard abusing Pawan Kalyan to a fellow actor Tamanna Simhadri, in which she says, "(Filmmaker Ram Gopal) Varma offered me 5 crore, but I did not accept it. Ram Gopal Varma later confessed that he was the mastermind behind instigating Sri Reddy to call PK "mad****od"!

Not the one to let such insults thrown at his birth-giver go by without taking an action, the Tollywood actor has condemned the act in a series of tweets suggesting, "If I can not defend the honour of my mother I better die".

Popular Venture Capitalist, Srini Raju who is accused of funding the malicious campaign on Pawan Kalyan's mother has served a legal notice to Pawan Kalyan.

Meanwhile, there is a buzz that some biggies have jumped into the scene to settle things between Pawan and the ones he attacked through twitter. Will they do the same against other politicians too, he asked. Today, the chamber is meeting to discuss and release its statement against the TV channels which have been airing the news of Sri Reddy and giving her undue publicity.

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