Apple Ordered to Pay $502 Million in VirnetX Patent Battle Loss

Apple forced to pay troll

Apple ordered to pay patent troll more than $500 million in iMessage case

A federal court in Texas has ordered Apple to pay $502.6 million Dollars to VirnetX Holding Corp over a patent dispute that has been reportedly going on for eight years. According to VirnetX, the giant tech firm's Face Time, iMessage, and VPN on demand had invaded four of its patents. In 2014, an earlier ruling in VirnetX's favor was thrown out by a higher court, prompting a retrial. Courts have sided with VirnetX in the past and previously awarded the company $302 million. It's small change for Apple, but an important win for VirnetX.

Reports claim that the legal battle between Apple includes many legal suits and a myriad number of appeals. In light of this, VirnetX's market value has risen by 44 percent.

In 2017 however, Apple filed an appeal against the US district court verdict, though it lost the case.

Apple's stock has seen little change on the news given that the $502.6 million award is minuscule compared to the company's profits. It has been determined that 400 million Apple devices that infringe the troll's patents have been sold. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington is now reviewing cases in which the Patent Trial and Appeal Board claims the patents in question are in fact invalid. The legal fight started back in 2010 when VirnetX filed a lawsuit against Apple where it accused the iPhone maker for infringing on its intellectual properties. But it has been speculated that the decision is likely to be scrapped as the Patent Trial & Appeal Board has claimed the patents under investigation to be invalid.

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