Apple called the new 2 reasons to switch from Android to iPhone

Apple called the new 2 reasons to switch from Android to iPhone

Apple show Android uses what they are missing out on in two new adverts

One of the major fixes targets a bug that shut down permanently the iPhone 8's screen's touch functionality if the phone was repaired by third-party repair shops.

While Apple at the time refused to comment on the debacle, it on Tuesday pushed out iOS 11.3.1 to rectify the screen unresponsiveness. All that ultimately pushed Apple to bring the new update that comes just in a month after the original iOS 11.3 release.

Apple iPhone or iPad users can now manually check for the update and also download and install it on their compatible devices.

Apple follows up its recent iOS 11.3 update with a new release targeting iPhone 8 devices with broken touch screens.

The fix bug affecting the iPhone 8 models surfaced shortly after iOS 11.3 was launched. This apparently was a software issue and Apple has resolved it in today's upgrade. It is also being reported that Apple is trying to bring changes in order to end the "Right to Repair" that could ban the users from using any kind of third-party service for replacement of parts or even service or fix. The video also works to promote the safety and environmental benefits of the latest Apple devices. The update then bought a set of changes in the iOS devices including an updated and improved implementation of an enhanced AR user experience. Following a brief investigation, it was found that only those units of the iPhone 8 were affected that underwent a third-party display fix.

An Apple logo is seen on the building's facade. This might clear some air why the tech giant allowed a screen bug to simply make its displays repaired by third party unresponsive. "Apple-certified screen repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts", the company notes in the changelog of the iOS 11.3.1 update.

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