Amazon now delivers to the trunk of your vehicle

Amazon will put a package right in your vehicle

Amazon will put a package right in your vehicle

The in-car deliver for United States customers requires a compatible 2015-or-newer Volvo or GM product with an active On Call or OnStar account.

After that it's pretty simple, just park your vehicle in a publicly accessible parking space within two blocks of your delivery address.

If your package does get stolen, the same rules apply as getting your delivery poached off your porch. Forget having a package delivered to your doorstep, leaving it unsecured and visible to passers-by.

Rohit Shrivastava, the general manager of Amazon Key, has stressed that the system is "securely encrypted", and the company can not see or track a customer's vehicle.

The company says in-car delivery is available at no extra cost for Prime members and is available in 37 cities and surrounding areas across the USA with more cities and compatible vehicles rolling out over time. On delivery day, the Amazon Key App lets the customer check to ensure they're parked within range of the specified delivery location, provides notifications when the delivery is approaching and when it's been completed, and allows customers to track when their auto was unlocked and re-locked. "Since launching Amazon Key last November, we've safely delivered everything from cameras to collectable coins inside the home". "Everything is securely encrypted between the two services", Rohit Shrivastava, Amazon Key's general manager, told Reuters (the two services being Amazon's delivery app and your car's unlock mechanism).

The announcement of the new service comes at a time when Amazon is locked into a fierce battle with Walmart and other retail rivals for home delivery services. This means that cars do not need to be left unlocked.

An Amazon deliveryperson remotely unlocks a vehicle trunk before making a delivery. No special codes or keys are given to the driver. No additional hardware or devices are required. Once setup is complete and the delivery location has been registered, they can go shopping and select the "In-Car" delivery option at checkout. Amazon plans to add additional makes and auto models in the future. If the product can not be delivered to you, then it will be delivered to your vehicle.

If you feel like Amazon has way too much access into our lives; Amazon says, if customers want convenience, this is what convenience looks like.

Rather than use any new gadgets, this time, it's about giving temporary permissions to the Amazon driver via the in-car computer system.

"This mix of auto and commerce is starting the next wave of innovation and we intend to be at the forefront".

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