Skyrim VR is coming to SteamVR next month

Bethesda brings PSVR chart-topper Skyrim VR to SteamVR PCs on April 3

Skyrim VR releases on Steam next month for $60

"Last November, Bethesda Game Studios took their epic fantasy masterpiece to the exciting new frontier of virtual reality with the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR on PlayStation VR".

Bethesda is continuing its releases of VR-specific version of some of its most popular games. Time will tell though, as Skyrim VR doesn't feature anything quite as complex as the Pipboy, which caused most of the problems for Rift users. Initially, it was only available for PlayStation VR.

Skyrim VR took PlayStation VR gamers by storm when it was released late past year, dominating PSVR sales charts and helping Sony to boost its headset sales.

Skyrim VR contains the complete critically-acclaimed core game as well as all its official add-ons - Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn - in one package. If you wish to pre-purchase it right now, you can pay $60 and have it ready to play on launch day!

After spending several months as a PlayStation VR exclusive, Skyrim VR is finally heading to the PC and better yet, it will support all headsets, including the VIVE, the Rift and Windows 10 Mixed Reality HMDs.

In this press release, Bethesda revealed a certain VR-optimized control scheme that would allow players to fight their foes using natural movements.

Life can be uncertain, but you can always rely on Bethesda finding a new way for players to experience Skyrim.

Skyrim VR will be something that's instantly familiar to those who are already well acquainted with the standard version.

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