Rep. Davis worries North Korea won't give up nuclear weapons

North Korea has yet to respond over the possibility of a summit betweet Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump Seoul has revealed

North Korea has yet to respond over the possibility of a summit betweet Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump Seoul has revealed

South Korea's National Security Office chief, Chung Eui-yong, who led the delegation, will head to Russian Federation on Tuesday after meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday, the Blue House said.

Chung Eui-yong is visiting China to discuss his recent visit to North Korea, at which the two Koreas agreed to hold a summit next month.

Last week President Donald Trump accepted an invitation to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

As the world grew alarmed, disarmament talks intensified, and North Korea eventually moved in 2008 to destroy its Yongbyon nuclear reactor as a sign of goodwill.

Academic Koh Yu-hwan, who teaches North Korean studies at Dongguk University in Seoul, said the north has wanted a peace treaty to end the more than 60-year-old ceasefire between the Asian country and the United States. He now serves as an analyst in charge of intelligence and reconnaissance on North Korea at US Forces Korea in Seoul.

Rhetoric in the North's state media has been tame, however, compared to threats previous year that went as far as saying Pyongyang would fire missiles into the vicinity of the US territory of Guam if provoked.

While the president pleaded for nationwide support for the success of the upcoming talks overseas, his key officials began carrying out Mr. Moon's efforts to bring jittery regional powers on board.

"It is expected that there will be more rapid progress regarding the freezing and dismantling of the North Korean nuclear program than in the past, as the leaders of the US and North Korea will meet directly this time", he said. That doesn't seem to be the case here - this South Korean-brokered meeting has come somewhat out of the blue. "North Korea is showing the world that right now".

Now, in a head-snapping display of incoherence, Trump has agreed to meet Kim, giving the planet's worst human-rights abuser what he most wants: global legitimacy.

Secretary Tillerson also said it would take "some weeks" to arrange the meeting.

Most importantly, critics say that sticking with the Iran deal despite being so vocally against it will show weakness and a lack of resolve in Trump as he heads toward talks with the North Koreans. But they warn the process leading to removal of all nuclear weapons from the area is complex.

Beijing is seen as one of Pyongyang's biggest backers, and has hosted a series of multilateral negotiations over North Korea held intermittently since 2003 and attended by China, Japan, North Korea, Russia, South Korea, and the United States.

After George Bush named it part of the "axis of evil" with Iraq and Iran, North Korean leaders had every reason to believe that nuclear weapons - and their ability to destroy South Korea's capital with conventional weapons - were essential to deter any attack on them. One caveat - Kim is not known to have travelled outside North Korea since he took office in 2011. North Korea reneged on its 1994 pledge to the freeze nuclear development and instead raced ahead. Zhang said China should try to prevent North Korea from siding with the United States. They have made promises to stop nuclear and missile testing.

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