Mark Cuban was investigated for sexually assaulting woman in 2011

Report: Mark Cuban investigated in 2011 for sexual assault at Portland nightclub

Mark Cuban was investigated for sexually assaulting woman in 2011

On Wednesday, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban denied the accusation of sexual assault in a Portland bar back in 2011.

The woman apparently told authorities that Cuban stuck his hand down her trousers and digitally inserted her while the two were posing for a photo in a crowded nightclub.

The woman told the Willamette Week in a recent interview she still stood by the charges.

Cuban denied the allegations in an email to the paper, saying, "It didn't happen".

Despite the claims of multiple Sports Illustrated sources, Cuban said he was not aware of the sexual misconduct alleged in the article. Ditto for then-Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love and former Blazers television reporter Lindsay McCormick, whom Cuban told police had been with him at the bar.

According to the report, which the paper obtained through a public records request, the woman immediately told a friend and her boyfriend about what happened but didn't go to police until more than a week later. "I stand behind that report 1,000 percent". However, if this suddenly turns into a cascade of allegations as has happened with many other prominent men in the #MeToo movement, then it goes without saying Cuban and the National Basketball Association would be embroiled in very problematic circumstances. "These allegations are thoroughly investigated by the Multnomah County District's Attorney's Office and the Portland Police Bureau", Cuban's attorney Stephen Houze said. One image is described as "Cuban reaching down towards her buttocks". "In one of the pictures, his arm can be seen behind [the alleged victim] and it appears Cuban is reaching down toward her buttocks". The detective also noted that the woman's "teeth are clenched, eyes wider than the other pictures and brow raised showing a look of surprise and strain".

Houze, Cuban's attorney, also gave authorities the results of a polygraph examination and the opinion of two medical experts that Rees said provided evidence against the woman's claims. They provided written opinions claiming that it would have been impossible for Cuban to penetrate the woman's vagina with his finger given the circumstances of the alleged incident.

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