Lionel Richie Is the 'Adult in the Room' on 'American Idol'



"That's the main thing - the people that really move our souls and fire us up". Is it worth the time it takes away? With Ryan Seacrest back as host, the new American Idol looked a lot like the old. She said, "For me personally, American Idol and I have always been circling each other, and it just hasn't been the right timing". So far, at this early going, she's the show's brightest spot.

Sardor Milano, who won Russia's X Factor and was a finalist on Russia's The Voice, auditioned next but gave a weirdly theatrical performance that just wasn't the right fit for Idol. For example, he is not there before and after every audition. I was in their shoes 10 years ago.

Even though everyone, Richie included, wants to play up the idea that the singer can put aside his genial persona when he needs to, Richie takes some pride in how having an all-artists panel on the new "Idol" fosters more empathy with the contestants.

A former colleague of Hardy's confirmed her claims; an investigation by E! found only that there was "insufficient evidence".

"I planned on being the toughest guy in the world, but then we had this person come on and tell us that he was homeless", Richie said.

Later in the evening, ABC wisely used "Idol" as a springboard for its new drama "Deception", a high-concept curiosity about a disgraced magician who uses his powers to solve cases for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Those moments where... they come in very unassuming... then they start singing and magic starts happening.

During its vacation and shift to another, happier, "family-friendly" network, American Idol has not lost that mean streak. At least two McKinney residents - Harper Grace and Kristyn Harris - will be featured on upcoming episodes in their auditions for celebrity judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry. "They're the ones I listen to". A new cast of judges is on board to take on all the fresh hopefuls, auditioning for a chance to be named the first victor of the Idol reboot. (Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) American Idol hopefuls line up to audition in downtown Provo on Wednesday mor. Fox canceled the show, and ABC announced that it would reboot "American Idol" a year later. This time, we have Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan as judges. He tells all these stories about Whitney and Prince and it's like, 'Whoa!' and you just sit there. In the premiere, they don't fully articulate their concerns, but they are concerned, even if that doesn't always affect their ultimate decision.

Perry, Richie, and Bryan have instant chemistry and are playful without turning the focus toward themselves. He gave them a little more, and they were sold. Seacrest recently faced sexual harassment allegations, and the Idol producers have stood behind him. "I think you've got something", Perry said, adding that she could learn a lot from the Hollywood Weed experience. I think he could become a good singer though, but after some work. Here are a few contestants from the season premiere that had social media abuzz.

As the show's highest paid judge, Perry is also the panel's de facto leader and the one most likely to trigger a meme, as she did in praising starstruck vocal powerhouse Noah Davis who could only mutter the word "Wig" out of excitement, confusing Bryan in the process.

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