Killer Mike apologizes after NRA controversy and backlash

The NRA aggressively ramped up its online advertising following the Parkland shooting according to a new report

The NRA aggressively ramped up its online advertising following the Parkland shooting according to a new report

He stated that does support the march and that the goal of him doing the interview with the NRA was to continue a conversation about African-Americans owning guns.

Rapper Killer Mike said Sunday that his interview on NRATV, the broadcast arm of the National Rifle Association, was misused by the network to "disparage" the "March for Our Lives", which he said he supports. He said the interview took place a week ago, and was disappointed that the NRA made a decision to run the interview on the same day as the rally. But, he stated that he continues to support Mike as a colleague and friend.

It's also a meaningful number to the NRA itself, as it has repeatedly encouraged its supporters to not only follow the official NRA account, but also its allies on both Twitter and Facebook.

His apology videos stressed that he is an ally to young people organizing for ending racism, and those advocating such issues as health care and LGBTQ rights. "Yet we can lose that many kids in a weekend, two weekends in the inner-city on a regular basis, and nobody really has that kind of effort going toward stopping it". The thing that angers me about the leadership of the NRA is their total disregard for what most Americans are asking for in the world of gun control.

"I did an interview about black gun ownership", he posted in his own video.

Killer Mike's "Run the Jewels" partner El-P also came against the NRA, responding to Noir's highly controversial comments, which indicated that no one would know the name of the protesting Parkland students if their classmates had not died in a mass shooting on February 14.

"I'm sorry ... that an interview I did about a minority - black people in this country - and gun rights was used as a weapon against you guys", the rapper said. "No matter what you believe we all have to listen in a real way". El posted a statement on Twitter, which reads in part: "Despite our many differences (and I promise you they are vast and often hotly debated), I've been around the block and I know a good person when I see one". Mike spent hours replying in kind, trying to hash out the finer points of his argument to his young, predominantly liberal fans. He spent much of 2016 on the campaign trail working hard for Bernie Sanders as one of the Vermont senator's most vocal and high-profile proxies. "So while I'm bummed at the way this unfolded, I will always fuck with him". We are a gun-owning family.

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