Here's Why Google Instant Apps Could Soon Be a Thing

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Android P may start blocking apps from running if they target older APIs

Games such as Clash Royale, Solitaire, Final Fantasy XV, and Words With Friends 2 are among the first to be played without downloading. This feature would run an Android app on Google's servers, stream a live video feed to the user, and stream clicks back to the Google server. The feature will play a major role in welcoming users to dive right into a new game even before they decide to install them.

Only a few games are now available with the Google Play Instant option.

When speaking about Instant games, Google's Jonathan Karmel and Benjamin Frenkel said they initially placed a 2MB limit on file sizes, but they later increased this limit to 10MB. The redesigned app now also shows news and YouTube videos related to your favorite games.

While it sounds archaic to have a smartphone running out of storage, there are still a lot of people who use entry-level Android devices that have 8GB of onboard storage.

If you happen to like the game after playing the trial version, you can simply install the game by tapping the "Install Now" button on the top-left corner in the gameplay. Google Play Instant will be available in the Google Play Store and the Google Play Games app, and it could pave the way for extended instant app use.

Google's latest initiative comes as a part of "Instant Apps" announced last October. By offering access instantly, players skip a few steps to try the game out immediately, which is important because each step during installation is yet another point at which players could change their mind and cancel out. It also started pushing some UI updates to the Play Store for a better preview of images and screenshots that are still rolling to all customers. The tab will include game trailers and lists top games as well as new games or lists based on the genre of a game.

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