Govt sends notice to Cambridge Analytica over data breach, pulls up Facebook

Philwfc  Twitter                   New Oxford Street in central London was closed and Cambridge Analytica's HQ evacuated

Philwfc Twitter New Oxford Street in central London was closed and Cambridge Analytica's HQ evacuated

India's information technology minister last week warned against any abuse of social media in elections, following reports that the analytics firm improperly accessed information on millions of Facebook users to target United States voters.

United Kingdom enforcement officers raided the headquarters of data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica Friday, hours after a judge issued a warrant in the wake of a mass data breach revealed earlier this week.

Elizabeth Denham, head of the ICO, sought the warrant.

Investigators left Cambridge Analytica's London office about 3 a.m. Saturday. A whistleblower detailed how users' data was illegally acquired and used to build profiles of American voters ahead of the 2016 USA presidential election.

The United Kingdom's news outlet The Guardian reports that the digital firm was found to have played a role in the U.K.'s official Vote Leave campaign in 2016, and has undisclosed links to the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. "This is one part of a larger investigation by the ICO into the use of personal data and analytics by political campaigns, parties, social media companies and other commercial actors", the ICO spokesman told CNN.

After a hearing at London's High Court on Friday, Judge Leonard said he would give the reasons for his decision on Tuesday.

CA's suspended chief executive Alexander Nix told MPs last month: "We did not work for Leave.EU".

Thus far, Cambridge Analytica and its affiliate companies have claimed that they did nothing wrong. "We have not undertaken any paid or unpaid work for them, okay?" he told a committee investigating fake news in United Kingdom politics.

"The data and modeling Bolton's PAC received was derived from the Facebook data". According to the contracts concluded, Cambridge Analytica rendered services on choosing a target audience on the basis of data on people's behavior.

"AIQ said in a post on their website Friday that "[They have] never managed, nor did we ever have access to, any Facebook data or database allegedly obtained improperly by Cambridge Analytica".

The scandal has spawned numerous lawsuits, and it has put significant pressure on Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. Please can I be absolutely clear: "we did not use any GSR data in the work we did in the 2016 U.S. presidential election", he further claims.

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