Google Maps launches a 'wheelchair accessible' option for 6 cities

Wheelchair Accessible routes on Google Maps

Wheelchair Accessible routes on Google Maps

TechCrunch notes developers behind Google Maps and other mapping apps are still figuring out how to incorporate street info that could be highly valuable to people with disabilities, including sidewalk conditions and grade, curb cuts and pedestrian crossing zones.

Google Maps has revealed a feature that highlights wheelchair accessible routes.

This could mean few routes are seen in Maps for NY, since it was one of the places where the feature has been rolled out first, along with London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston and Sydney.

Under the "routes" section get "wheelchair accessible" as new route type. They'll find "wheelchair accessible,"and you'll be given directions".

And in the case of helping people seeking wheelchair access for transit travel, it appears the Local Guides program is doing some meaningful work. Simply open Maps, type in a "Location", look at "Directions" and then hit the "Transportation" icon. When you select this option, Google Maps will show you a list of possible routes that take mobility needs into consideration. After that select the "Wheelchair accessible" toggle.

Google said to start this they have first brought Google Maps to the Unity engine to turn real life objects and places into Game objects in Unity, which by going on further they can add textures, depth effect, style and customize it fully to match their gaming project environments.

Google Maps has added a navigation filter for buses and trains that identifies the best route for users with mobility needs.

Google points out that this feature can be handy not for the wheelchair user but with anyone with limited mobility, no matter if it's because of an injury, age or a baby stroller.

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