Girl in critical condition after school shooting

US Shooting at Maryland high school facility on lockdown

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A student armed with a handgun shot and injured two other students at a Maryland school on Tuesday before being fired at by an armed officer who works at the school, according to Saint Mary's County Sheriff's Office.

The school day had barely begun on Tuesday morning when the student, who has not been identified, shot a male student and a female student at Great Mills High School in St Mary's County before the campus security officer intervened, county Sheriff Timothy Cameron told a news conference.

While a motive in the shooting can not yet be confirmed, Sheriff Cameron said the initial investigation indicated that there was a prior relationship between the shooter and the 16-year-old girl who was shot.

The shooter exchanged fire with a school resource officer - a trained, armed deputy sheriff - and was wounded.

Following the shooting in Great Mills, located about a 90-minute drive southeast of the United States capital Washington, students were evacuated to a nearby school where they were reunited with their parents, Cameron said.

If authorities confirm Gaskill fired the fatal shot, it may be the only known instance in which a school resource officer, typically a sworn law enforcement member assigned to a school, killed a student gunman during an active shooting.

The county sheriff said parents or guardians should stay away, urging them to go instead to Leonardtown High School to reunite with Great Mills students there. This weekend, students across the country plan an anti-gun violence march on the nation's capital. The shootings have become common enough that many schools, including Douglas High, run annual drills in which students practice huddling in classrooms behind locked doors.7.

Gaskill was not injured, Cameron said.

Hoyer earlier renewed his call for more stringent background checks on would-be gun purchasers, and the governor spoke of current school-safety legislation in Annapolis, along with the need for "taking guns out of the hands of the mentally ill". "We can not allow the cries of survivors and students to be drowned out by the gun lobby", he said.

Great Mills High was expected to remain closed Wednesday, and possibly the rest of the week.

A 19-year-old allegedly killed 17 - mostly students - at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14.

LARRY HOGAN: No parent should ever have to worry about, when they send their kids off in the morning, whether they're going to come home safely or not.

A high school shooting in the U.S. state of Maryland on Tuesday has resulted in the death of the shooter and two others being injured, officials said.

"He pursued the shooter, engaged the shooter", he said. "I've never heard people sound so scared". "Now my school is the target", she said. "Our prayers are with students, school personnel, and first responders", he said in a statement.

Each jurisdiction throughout the state individually trains officers, with some coming from local police departments and others from county sheriff's offices.

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