Doctors In Jhansi Got Suspended For Using Patient's Severed Leg As Headrest

Jhansi Patient

Patient's severed leg used as pillow in Jhansi medical college, probe ordered

"We have set up a four-member committee to find out who put the severed leg under the patient's head", said Sadhna Kaushik, principal of the Maharani Laxmibai Medical College and Hospital in Jhansi, told AFP.

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has issued notices to the government of Uttar Pradesh and the Minister of Health and Family Welfare over the incident of a patient's amputated leg being used as a pillow in a Jhansi hospital.

"Strict action will be taken if our staff is found at fault".

Ghanshyam was working as a helper on a school bus when it overturned while trying to avoid colliding with a tractor in the village of Bamouri, 55km from the hospital. After the uproar over the incident, two doctors and two nurses were placed under suspension while departmental action was ordered against another doctor.

Ghanshyam's family said that they had brought a pillow with them to the hospital but that a doctor had used it to prop up Ghanshyam's leg, then took the amputated leg and used it as a pillow for his head.

Relative Janaki Prasad said: "When we reached the hospital, we saw his leg being used as a headrest".

'I repeatedly asked the doctors to intervene but they refused. The patient's attendant used the leg for the same.

Uttar Pradesh, which is home to 200 million people, is one of India's poorest states, and long waits are common for even minor treatments.

Cases of medical negligence aren't new in Uttar Pradesh.

The commission said that the incident, if true, was an "unethical and negligent act" on the part of the medical staff, and not only violated medical norms but also the dignity of a patient who was already undergoing trauma. Last year, numerous newborn children had died in a single week at a UP government hospital due to shortage of oxygen.

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